Course topics

Graduate art history seminars :

Graduate Methodologies in the History of Art and Visual Culture

Topics for Seminar in 20th–21st Century Art:

  • Art and Healing
  • New approaches in studying the collector, the curator, and the gallerist
  • Artists as Citizens
  • Critical Histories of Craft, Decorative Arts, and Modernisms
  • Questions of Art and Suffering
  • Politics of Exhibitions
  • Visual Culture of Refugee and Migrant
  • Politics of Belonging
  • Modernism and South/Southeast Asian Art, with Dr. Lisa Owen
  • Cultural Heritage and Memory
  • Technology and the Visual Arts since 1900
  • Modernism and Pedagogy since 1900
  • Post-Humanism and Visual Art since 1945
  • Transnationalism since 1945: Class, Subjectivity, Heritage, Visual Culture
  • Art and Geography, with Dr. Mickey Abel
  • Portraiture, Subjectivity and Agency in the Modern and Postmodern Eras
  • Materials and Sculpture since 1900: Histories and Methodologies
  • Visual Art and Cultural Studies

Topics for Seminar in American Art:

  • Race and American Art since 1945
  • History and Theory of Art School: From the Academy to Visual Art Studies
  •  Visual Representation and War: Image, Monument and Anti-Monument
  •  Post-Industrial Society and Technologies of Representation
  •  Art and Everyday Life: Acts, Gestures and Performance
  •  Gender, Society, and Art
  •  American Feminist Art Movement of the 1970s
  •  Travel, Tourism and Art
  •  Theory and Practice of Photography
  •  Pop Art and Popular, Consumer, and Mass Media Cultures

Undergraduate courses

History of Craft and History of Art

Methodologies in the History of Art and Visual Culture

Survey of American Art: American Art since 1900

Topics in American Art

  •  Art and Healing
  •  Objects of Diplomacy
  •  Race and American Art since 1945

Topics in Art History

  • African American Art since 1900
  • American Feminist Art Movement of the 1970s
  • Art and Healing
  • Art and Technology since 1900
  • Cultural Heritage and Memory
  • Critical Disability Studies and Art

Modernism and the Visual Arts

Postmodernism and the Visual Arts

Topics in Theory of Contemporary Art

  • Cybernetics, Cyborgs and Visual Culture
  • The Ethnographic Turn
  • History and Practice of Performance Art
  • Marcel Duchamp: Structuralism into Post-Structuralism
  • Between Seeing and the Seen: Good Looking, or Theories and Practices of Vision


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