Recent publications

2021 “Prolegomena for craft and war, ca 1914,” in Chandan Bose and Mira Mohsini, editors, Craft Ethnographies (forthcoming, Routledge).

2021 “The Industry of Occupational Subjects: Craft as a Therapeutic Modality,” in Patricia Reeve, Micky Lee and Frank Cooper, editors, Embodied And Socially Constructed? (forthcoming, Sussex University Boston and publishers.

2021 “From salvaging to merchandising—Vietnamese craft on display in America, 1956-1958,” in Harriet Atkinson and Verity Clarkson (eds.) Exhibitions and Transnational Exchange: Art and Design, Borders and Boundaries from 1945 (Bloomsbury Academic Press) forthcoming.

2020  “Belonging through Photography:  Refugee Artisans in South Vietnam,” in Mor Presiado and Frank Jacob (eds.), War and Art: The Portrayal of Destruction and Mass Violence, War (Hi)Stories, Volume 8 (Paderborn, Germany: Brill/Schöning): 311-334.

2020  “Politics of American Diplomacy/Politics of Craft: An Assessment of ‘Art and Archaeology of Vietnam, Asian Crossroad of Cultures’,” Session 6: Politics of Identity: Tradition and Origin,” in Proceedings, 34th Congress of the International Committee of the History of Art (Beijing, China: Wu Zuoren International Foundation of Fine Arts): 595-600.

2019  The Politics of Vietnamese Craft: American Diplomacy and Domestication (Bloomsbury Press).

2019  “Narrative failures, Vietnamese craft at the Smithsonian,” Anthropos 114 no. 2 (2019): 547-56.

2018  “American Design Diplomacy in South Vietnam, 1956: Gender as a Diplomatic Relation,” special issue of REG|AC Revistas de Estudios Globales & Arte Contemporáneo [Journal of Global Studies and Contemporary Art] on “Cold War networks and circulations: Cross-cultural Dialogues and Practices throughout the Global South (1957-1991)” 5 no. 1 (2017-2018): 93-116.

2018  “Allaying Terror: Domesticating Vietnamese Refugee Artisans as Subjects of American Diplomacy,” Pictures and Conflicts since 1945, special issue of Humanities 7 no. 3 (2018)

2018  “Mobilizing Craft: Diplomacy in the International Turn of American Art History,” Modos: Historia da Arte: Modos de Ver, Exhibir e Compreender Sao Paolo, Brazil 2 no. 1, 67-82.

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